Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation) is a revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin by using state of the art technology.

Types of Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows | Eyebrow Hair Strokes | Lash liners

Eyeliners | Lip liners | Full lips

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I decide to do a Micropigmentation procedure?

The objective of these procedures is to raise self esteem and self confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, personal freedom, and saving time.


What does the procedure entail?

We will start with a consultation, collecting personal information, including your current daily medications, personal concerns and recommendations, instructions for the after procedure care, numbing cream application and the Micropigmentation procedure itself. When you leave you will have further instructions and a care package to take with you.


What equipment do you use for Permanent Makeup?

It is called The Intelligent, the world’s first computerized permanent cosmetic device, and it is used for medical procedures and micropigmentation. This powerful device is ultra – precise, a key feature for medical applications such as areole restoration, scar camouflage and other procedures. The Intelligent technology is the latest version of the needle pressure and skin resistance sensor.


Why is Micropigmentation better than micro blading?

Micropigmentation utilizes equipment that is precise, whereas Micro blading is a procedure accomplished by using a hand device like a blade, which allows for human error, such as deep cuts into the skin (and sometimes too deep). The human error will affect the outcome of that procedure.

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