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Rediscover Your Skin with our Advanced Skin Care Treatments

Time, stress, and the environment constantly challenge the beauty of your skin. Nature provides us with the ability to rejuvenate our skin and science provides us with the tools to use that process to our advantage. At Papillon Lash & Brow Studio, we use the power of nature and science together to bring your skin incredible results. We take the time to consult with you and create a personalized skin care treatment best suited for your type of skin. With the aid of Image Skincare, we have the right formula to fit your skin type.

Do you suffer from some of these common skin problems? We can help you.

Aging Skin

Basque in the glow of ageless skin with our exclusive products formulated to support skin’s natural defense mechanisms and repair cell damage. Specially formulated pure ingredients in our skin care treatments provide cellular protection against nutritional imbalance, stress, and UV Damage. Stop by for a personalized consultation. Discover what we can do for you and your skin.


Damaged, Smoker’s or Dry Skin

Having dry skin actually speeds up the signs of aging, and it can be damaging to your skin. We have specialized treatments designed at repairing the harsh effects of smoking, stress, fatigue, and eczema. We provide skin care with antioxidants that is necessary to stop the cycle of free radicals by protecting and repairing damaged cells. Say goodbye to your damaged skin.


Rosacea or Acne

Our face plays a big part in our lives and the way we interact with people. Having red irritated skin or acne bumps all over it just crushes our confidence and social interaction. There are a lot of acne and rosacea treatments and products out there that slowly kill your skin health. With our products, you can expect a rich blend of natural botanicals that create a soothing and healthy way to improve your skin. Don’t let your breakouts take over your life. Rediscover your face and your confidence.

Top of the Line Equipment For Your Skin

When it comes to esthetic technology, the beauty (and the safety) is in the details. Here at Papillon Lash & Brow Studio, we use high performance equipment that leads the way in innovation and efficiency, ensuring you have the best skin care and facial treatments possible.

Our Skin Care Technology: Dermapod

The Derma-Pod is the next-generation skin center for Microdermabrasion, Photobiostimulation, and Modulated Micro-currents. Not only does this device have all three treatments, but the unit is calibrated to enable the services to work more effectively together. It removes up to 30% of the epidermis which improves Photobiostimulation light penetration by up to 35%.


Dermapod Advantages

  • Deep exfoliation Skin Care
  • Patented Turbo Flow Projection System: delivers safe and even abrasion and can even be used on sensitive areas such as dark circles under the eyes or areas where there is couperose.
  • Quiet yet powerful motor: crystals are projected at a consistently high velocity.
  • Computer controlled functions: perfect outcome every time.
  • 40 pre-programmed settings: treatments adapted to all skin types.
  • Disposable crystal canisters: for quick and easy disposal of crystal jars without the mess or risk of contamination.
  • Color-coded disposable tips: to accurately treat the face, body, stretch marks and scars.

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